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Starting a Road Transportation Company in Romania

The first step to consider when intending to start your Romanian Road Transportation Company would the registration of your company with the local Trade Register. This is done exactly through the method required for any other Romanian Limited Companies, respectively:

1) Reserving the company name;

2) Drafting the necessary documents such as affidavits, specimen signatures, Articles of Association and any other required documents;

3) Sending the documents to be notarized abroad or within Romania;

4) Translating the original documents received from the client;

5) Filing with the Romanian Trade Register;

6) Obtaining the Certificate of Registration in approx. 5 working days.

Are there specific requirements in order to obtain a transportation license in Romania?

Yes. After the registration phase is completed the investor will have to consider the necessary steps required for the transport authorization, respectively:

1) Hiring a transportation manager

The manager assigned for transportation activities in Romania is the person who, in accordance with the Romanian law, will effectively and continuously oversee the transport activities of the respective road transportation company.

In order to operate as a road transport company, operations the investor will have to appoint an employee/s to effectively and continuously manage this activity. The person appointed will have to hold a training certificate, valid for the respective type of transportation.

The Professional Training Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Transport through the Romanian Road Authority – ARR. The required training certificate is obtained after passing an examination held at the center for training and retraining of personnel authorized for road transportation activities.

2) Obtaining permits for transportation of merchandise for the Romanian drivers

Each Romanian driver will have to hold a Certificate of Transporting Cargo. In order to obtain this certificate, drivers must take a course and pass the respective exam.

3) Obtaining the Transport License

The license is granted to the Romanian transport company and not to a person; however one of the most important is the Certificate of Professional Training, obtained by the manager appointed to manage transportation activity.

In addition to the certificate of professional training, the file is also submitted a series of documents, among which:

  • the decision appointing manager transportation activity;
  • The certificate of registration of the company from the Trade Registry;
  • related documentation.

Are there any financial requirements for a Road Transportation Company in Romania?

Yes. To obtain a license to transport the Romanian company must prove that it meets the requirement of financial standing for each truck. The amount for the first truck is 9,000 euros while for all others the amount is 5,000 euros/truck.

How long does it take to obtain the Transport License in order to operate in Romania?

Issuance of the license is made within 15 days of the submission of the file (of course the authorities can also refuse to grant the license). The transport license is issued for a maximum period of five years.

Can MHC Law Firm assist me for obtaining the Transport License?

Yes. E&C would be able to provide legal assistance through the entire procedure. Contact us now!