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Open Staffing Agency in Romania

The first step in starting such a business in Romania is to be organized in such a way that permits this process to be undertaken.

Therefore one should first set up a company in Romania, or an authorized natural person with specific CAEN codes. For this type of company the codes are 7820 covering temporary staffing activity or 7810 representing job recruitment agencies operations or both.

Setting up any type of company in Romania is a field in which our Law firm specializes and we can assist you through the entire process.

Particular to a recruitment company are the criteria that should be met so that one may become an authorized provider of such services. These criteria are outline in the Government Decision no. 277/2002 as it was amended and modified.

These criteria refer to several very well pin-pointed aspects of the recruitment company such as: personnel, location (a real office fulfilling certain requirements for working with public is required), special facilities, obtaining a special certification (either from Labor Force in Romania or in the country of origin.

The first criteria that should be met by a recruitment company as per Romanian legislation is that concerning the field of activity of the legal person. The law specifically regulates that the service provider should have as the main activity the service for which the certification is requested.

Then there are criteria that impose that the company have material basis for the offering of self-assessment tools and also for offering suggestions about professional guidance; conducting skill development training programs for all those interested in finding a job; providing counseling related to appropriate techniques used to identify a job and the main strategies on how to appropriately approach the interview; having electronic means of mediation.

Criteria regarding impose a minimal procentage of 25% of employed staff who have responsibilities regarding providing services of identifying a job to have completed some form of higher education in the following fields: law, psychology, counselling, teaching.

This percentage of 25% should also have at leat 3 years experience in the field of the service for which the certification is ask

Concluding, opening a recruitment company in Romania is a complex process, with several criteria that need to be met.

The lawyers with Enescu & Cuc Law Firm are specialised in setting up any type of company and can assist you through the procedure.