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Prevent Legal Problems in Romania

Once we have decided to enter into legal relationships of any kind with another person it is certain that several stages shall have to be undergone so that the desired goal is achieved.

Always the foundation of legal relationships consists of the date of: the stage of verifications and the stage of materialization of the negotiations through a written agreement. The attitude that is necessary for us to adopt is the preventive attitude. The way in which we act throughout these stages is of great importance; during this period, you may build a more or less solid foundation for your future relationship.

In order for your actions to be considered as preventive attitude, we should proceed in the following manner:

A. In the initial phase of the negotiations:

1. ask for information and documents not only related to the future contractual partner, but also to the object of the negotiations;

2. analyze the received documents;

3. verify the veracity of the information provided on the future contractual partner. For example, it is advisable to:

– verify the existence and functionality of the company with which you chose to conclude an agreement, 

– verify if the person who presents himself/herself as the legal representative of another person actually have this quality,

–  obtain an extract from the Land Book for information so that to discover the eventual details on the real estate which is the object of the negotiation,

– verify the existence and/or the reality of the documents or the information, which are mentioned in a real-estate sale-purchase agreement,

 – realize other verifications prior to establishing an agreement, this depending on the types of contracts that you whish to conclude.

B. In the stage of the drawing up of the contract:

1. materialize the result of the negotiations, in short, in writing, in order to be able to recall what exactly you convened upon and to what extent;

2. ask for the help of a lawyer in drawing up the agreement; it is advisable to have a written document in any situation, however it may be harmful to “borrow” models that you adjust yourself. The personal adaptation of a contract is comparable to the treatment of health issues without the help of a doctor. There are no identical situations thus there are only customized solutions.

3. seeing that one of the parties assumes the role of the supplier of the draft of the agreement, do not sign it as provided. Verify the content of the draft and in general seek the support the legal specialists in undergoing these verifications.

4. Sometimes the clauses are unclear and most of the time they are drawn up in favor of the party which is the supplier of the agreement. Seek the support of a specialist in order to reword those clauses or to make the necessary modifications to the content of the agreement.

It should be understood, as it is advisable to be aware on what land you step on when it is covered with water, it is also advisable to be aware of what you may rely on when taking the first step into a legal relationship.

We, as legal specialists, know that it is cheaper for our clients to prevent problems; once the problem occurs, in the situation in which the client did not take the necessary precautions at the beginning of the legal relationship, it is much more costly to remedy the problem.

This is why, our advice is for you to call upon the legal services of a specialist regardless of the conjuncture and from the very beginning, taking into consideration the fact that any legal relationship has its own dynamic which may gradually, for various reasons, get out of control, some of them being completely unexpected. If you need legal services in other countries, such as USA, we can put you in touch with our local partners.