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About us

MHC Law Firm, the company representing romanianlawoffice.com, is ready to assist foreign and local businessmen in a wide range of legal matters; we can represent investors in the formalities for company formation in Romania, drafting the necessary incorporation documents depending on the selected legal entity, and helping investors in applying for the necessary business permits and licenses that can be required for a specific business field etc. 

Our team 

Mihai Cuc specializes in civil and commercial litigations and real estate consulting. His activity until now includes holding Constitutional Law seminaries for the students of The Faculty of Public Administration within “Nicolae Titulescu University” in Bucharest. Also Mr. Cuc has published many articles in specialty magazines and is co-author of the study “European Citizenship“, next to Professor Doctor Ioan Muraru, Gheorghe Iancu, Simina Tanasescu and State Counselor Stefan Deaconu. Mr. Mihai Cuc has also collaborated with TVR, the Romanian national TV station, for a legal-oriented production and is included in the Romanian edition of the “Who is Who” encyclopedia for his activity as a top real estate lawyer. Mihai Cuc has been a partner of our law firm for 18 years and he can provide legal assistance in matters such as corporate governance, dispute resolution, commercial litigation, negotiations and others.

Vlad Alex Cuc is a legal advisor handling matters regarding company formation in Romania and related matters and advises on setup of foreign branches and subsidiaries for clients worldwide. He has been working with the firm since 2005 and has graduated from both the Bucharest Faculty of Journalism as well as the State University of Law.

Vlad Cuc can assist businessmen in legal matters such as: mergers, corporate law, tax, commercial litigation and other corporate matters.

Our affiliations 

MHC Law Firm is a member of several large, international legal organizations. We are proud to mention our collaboration with the HG.org, a pretigious online legal portal that was created with the purpose of providing information on the legal services available in various jurisdictions around the world.

The lawyers from MHC Law Firm are also members of the Bucharest Bar Association and members of the International Law Office (ILO), an online platform that delivers legal newsletters written by more than 500 legal experts.

Our lawyers are also present on the list created by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and including providers of legal services for British citizens. 

Our services

Through the expertise of our team of lawyers, we can offer legal services in numerous branches of law, such as: international law, commercial legislation, drafting corporate contracts, civil legislation, labor legislation or intellectual property legislation. Besides these, investors can address to our law firm in Romania for advice on corporate litigation cases. 

We provide top consultancy services on real estate matters; with an in-depth expertise in the company formation in Romania procedures, our attorneys can also offer full legal representation on the registration of branch offices and subsidiaries, two types of legal entities that are used for the expansion of foreign company on a new market.  

Investors can rely on our legal expertise for merger and acquisition procedures, for real estate litigation cases and our lawyers can also represent investors in the formalities that are handled through the local public notary. Additional services refer to consultancy in tax matters and here, our lawyers are prepared to offer tax advice and tax planning services or information on the real estate taxes applicable in Romania; businessmen can also contact our law firm for information on the debt collection procedures that are available in this country. 

MHC Law Firm, located in Bucharest, offers legal consultancy and representation in issues of commercial, civil and business law. Contact us for more details about our legal services.