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Virtual Office in Romania

by Vlad Cuc

Our team of Romanian lawyers can provide virtual office services, as stipulated by the applicable legislation in the field. The law regulating the activity of lawyers in Romania allows local attorneys to offer to clients a temporary company seat, a service which might prove useful to certain start-ups or investors who do not dispose of a location that can be used as an office space during the registration of their Romanian company.  

Also, the virtual office services are not limited to companies, but MHC Law Firm can also offer them to natural persons worldwide, who are in need of location where they can receive letters or other business communications, from tax authorities, banks, business partners etc. MHC Law Firm offers complete virtual office services in Bucharest, Romania, that include the below mentioned services.

A registered office address (this means a company seat) can be provided in Bucharest for your Romanian company, in one of Bucharest’s best areas, close to the City Center and the Herastrau Park in Sector 1. Another service available in this case is the mail forwarding services in Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania.

After receiving correspondence sent to our address on your behalf, we will forward it to any location in the world through regular or courier mail in accordance to the client’s specifications. We can also scan the documents and send them via email. This services differs according to the client’s preference.

Telephone and fax numbers (landline) in Bucharest, Romania – depending on the needs of every business, our team of Romanian lawyers can also provide live answering services to incoming calls from partners or from the company’s clients. Through this, we can take the messages received from third parties and all the updates will be sent to the company’s owner through various means of communication (such as phone or e-mail). This service can be requested especially by those who need to communicate with clients and partners in Romanian.

What are the benefits of virtual offices in Romania? 

A virtual office in Romania does not refer to a virtual location per se, but it actually means a physical place where a businessman can develop a business activity. As long as the company is not bound to carry its business operations in a large office space, the virtual office is an ideal solution, as it provides a set of advantages. Some of the most common advantages that can be obtained through the services of a virtual office in Romania are presented in the list below:

  • the company’s employees can basically develop their tasks from a remote location;
  • investors have the possibility of hiring full-time employees who can work from any given location;
  • thus, the employment market is not limited only to the Romanian workforce;
  • the virtual office provides a high level of flexibility, for both the company’s owners and the company’s employees;
  • it provides excellent costs advantages, as these services have a fraction of the costs associated with renting an office space in Romania;
  • the virtual office comes as a suitable option to those who want to provide a professional image in front of their business partners;
  • by selecting the services of a virtual office, the investors will benefit from reduced operational costs. 

Starting a business in Romania or in any other business destination has, in its initial phases, numerous costs, one of them referring to the costs of renting an office. The office also needs to be furnished in accordance with the needs of the company, and it needs to be connected to various utility services (water, electricity, internet). Investors must also consider that they need to hire cleaning personnel. 

The virtual office is a suitable way to avoid these matters, especially at the beginning of business activities. Instead, the investors can focus on ways in which they can grow their Romanian company or participate in various events related to the fields in which they operate. 

The virtual office can be used for a specific amount of time – for example, once the business starts growing, the investors can easily change this type of office with a regular one. Our team of Romanian lawyers can advise on the documents that have to be signed when renting or purchasing an office space in this country. 

What are the global trends on remote work? 

When selecting the services of a virtual office in Romania or elsewhere, the investors will generally employ remote workforce. Still, occasionally, they can use the virtual office to meet with their employees or company partners. Currently, the remote work seems to be of high importance for workers across the world; provided that the investors will want to employ remote employees, our team of Romanian lawyers can be contacted for information on the manner in which employment contracts can be signed in this case. The trend on remote work shows the following: 

  • a survey carried out in 2019, on 2,500 remote employees, revealed that 99% of them prefer this type of work relation;
  • in the United States of America, 50% of the work relations are developed through various types of remote jobs;
  • another survey showed that the remote jobs have increased at an impressive rate in the last 10 years (increase of 91%);
  • it is estimated that by 2028, 73% of the teams in companies across the world will be composed of traditional employees and remote employees;
  • 76% of the women who work in technology related fields have declared that remote work will be a suitable option to attract more women in these business sectors;
  • it is estimated that persons who work from home or from another location which is not a traditional office feel 24% happier compared to other employees; 
  • it costs less to have remote workers – companies can save up to $10,000 per year per employee. 

Other benefits of selecting the services of a virtual office are given by the fact that numerous studies have shown that persons working as remote employees have a higher productivity rate compared to regular employees. Besides, it is also a way through which a businessman can increase the employees’ retention rate. Our law firm in Romania can assist with more information on any additional benefits investors can have through a virtual office

Virtual offices are recommended for those businesses that have decided to expand to Romania, but do not have an available location (rented or purchased). For many investors it is extremely important to start activating in Romania immediately after their company is formed. This obviously implies the possibility of receiving correspondence, calls and faxes in Romania.

Usually, virtual office services are preferred by the following types of investors: new Romanian companies established by foreign investors, Romanian companies registered in other Romanian cities that also require a point of contact in Bucharest and persons or businesses abroad that do not require any company setup in Romania, but rather just a simple method of maintaining communication with Romanian business partners. For any service which is not included in the above mentioned, please contact our Romanian law firm for a personalized approach. Our lawyers in Romania can provide full information on the monthly costs associated with a local virtual office and can also offer personalized assistance for those who need to obtain a VAT number in Romania

You can also use the virtual office for a partnership. A partnership follows the same steps for company formation in Romania as the ones applicable to a corporate body (such as the limited liability company), the main difference being the taxation system applicable to this entity.

Our lawyers can present the main advantages investors can have when operating through a partnership, as well as the liabilities applicable to the founders (known as partners).