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Opening a Hotel in Romania

Our law firm may assist you in opening a hotel in Romania. Our country is growing with regards to the tourism industry. One must firstly note that in the case of creating a hotel the formation of the company is not an issue, as it is done as for any limited liability company but the necessary permits and subsequent authorization might be quite a handful.

Firstly one should obtain the authorization from the Trade Register for the limited liability or joint stock company with the specific NACE Codes such as: 5510 – Hotels and other such housing facilities, 5590 – Other housing facilities, as well as other NACE Codes.

If in your hotel you wish to incorporate a restaurant with dining and drinking then authorizations and permits required for these types of activities are required beforehand. For more information on these procedures please check out our articles on „Opening a Restaurant in Romania” or contact our law firm directly.

Specific for opening a hotel are the following authorizations: permits and approvals for fire safety, sanitary and veterinary authorization, authorization from the mayor of the city/county where your hotel shall be located, etc.

Also, in order to open a hotel in Romania one must obtain a classification certificate from the Ministry of Tourism as per:

1 ) Order no. 1051/03.03.2011 Methodological Norms regarding the classification certificates , licenses and patents for tourism;

2 ) Order no. 65/2013 approving the Methodological Norms regarding the issue of classification of tourist with accommodation and catering tourism licenses and patents.

Apart from this certificate, the manager/director of the hotel must hold a touristic licence. In order for this licence to be obtained one must have at least a tourism diploma and two years experience in the field of tourism in a managing position.