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Buy Romanian Company with VAT Number

Buy Romanian Company with VAT Number

Please contact us now if you require a Romanian shelf company registered for national VAT. MHC Law Firm now offers Romanian shelf companies with VAT number. As we have been incorporating Romanian companies for over 12 years for a multitude of international clients we have been made aware of the fact that many foreign clients are interested in obtaining the quickest solution for trading. As many Romanian businesses started by foreigners deal internationally and within the European Union, these clients need their companies to be VAT-registered as soon as possible. Nevertheless registering a Romanian company with for national VAT is a long and arduous procedure and therefore our law firm has come up with a quicker solution.

Also this could be potential solution for founders who do not reside in the European Union since this could be seen as a negative point.

About National VAT Registration

In order to be considered registered a payer of Value Added Tax on a national level any Romanian company will have to be registered with the tax authorities. The registration procedure however has recently become more difficult. A few examples in this sense:

– the registration procedure takes approx 30 days;

– the tax authorities perform an inspection at the headquarters of the company to check whether the company is actually activating there;

– the tax authorities check whether the founders reside in EU or not.

If you want to learn more about the procedure for national VAT registration you can do so here: www.romanianlawoffice.com/vat-registration-romania.htm

About EU VAT Registration

EU VAT registration is a different procedure than the one for national VAT (outlined above). A Romanian company can register with VIES in the following circumstances:

a) If the Romanian company is already registered for national VAT then when registering with VIES it will have to provide the national VAT certificate;

b) If the Romanian company is not a national VAT-payer it can nevertheless be registered with VIES (useful only for certain international transactions).

For more information on how to get a Romanian company registered with VIES please see our article: www.romanianlawoffice.com/community-register-vat-romania.htm

About the Romanian Ready Made Companies with VAT Number

As already mentioned our law firm has come up with a solution for those business people that need to have a VAT-registered Romanian company. This solution implies providing an existing Romanian company that has already registered for VAT and is now ready to activate. A few notes about the Romanian companies that we have for sale:

– these are already registered for national VAT;

– most of the companies we have available have not traded;

– the takeover of a Romanian company is done through a regular share transfer procedure. You can read more on this subject here:

– the companies can be quickly registered with VIES if requested;

– some companies are aged if this is requested;

– our packages include virtual office and all other related services;

– accounting services can be recommended.

Please contact our Romanian lawyers for information on VAT matters. Having a VAT number is one of the main requirements for businesses and our attorneys can present what documents you must prepare for the registration with the tax authorities.

You can rely on us for any other registration obligation you may have, as well as for other connecting services, such as the process to buy a house in Romania or a commercial property.