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Company Formation in any European Country

MHC Law Firm can help you set up your company in any European country as well as offshore jurisdictions through our affiliation with BridgeWest, a European Company Formation Agent. Please contact us to provide with a list of requirements, conditions and quotations.

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up companies in over 65 countries all over the world can benefit from professional company formation services offered by our lawyers and local specialists in company formation. Investors don’t have to go in person in a foreign country in order to incorporate a company and they can save their time, money and effort. Our lawyers may represent them for the incorporation procedures, in front of the authorities of the country where they choose to form a company.

The entrepreneurs can find out from our specialists what documents they need for the company formation and they are helped to prepare them in order to be submitted to the local authorities. After they send all the necessary documents, all they have to do is to wait for the incorporation process that may take a few days, depending on the country they choose to open a company in.

We help you choose the right type of company

Choosing the right type of company for a certain business is not always easy, so our specialists will help the foreign investors decide the firm that suits them best. Most entrepreneurs choose to set up a limited liability company or an offshore company that are used usually for small businesses and a joint stock company for large enterprises.

After the foreign investors start their business activities, they may need special permits and licenses from the local authorities. In this case, they can give the power of attorney to one of our representatives who will handle the procedure. Our local lawyers, who are specialized in international business, will represent you in litigations in the foreign country where you opened the company. They are expert in commercial and business law and offer a wide range of legal services, from legal advice, preparation of legal opinions on different business issues, drafting documents for contracts and other transactions, mediation etc.

Our lawyers and specialists in company formation help foreign entrepreneurs expand their businesses on European markets and other countries all over the world. We are able to deliver professional legal services tailored on your business needs based on the fact that we have over six years of experience in company formation and corporate legislation.

Company Formation in Asian Offshore jurisdictions

Through our international partners we can also provide assistance in setting up companies in important Asian jurisdictions such as Singapore or Hong-Kong. Both countries are very well-known for their beneficial taxation system and simple method to set up a business.