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Company Formation in Timisoara

Setting up a company in Timisoara is not so different from opening one in Bucharest. MHC Law Firm has incorporated Romanian companies in all major cities in the country, from the capital Bucharest, to the IT center of Romania Cluj, the biggest port in Romania Constanta and Timisoara. Timisoara is considered to be a very attractive city for German, Italian and United States investors, but only due to the fact that the city is continuously expanding. It’s very important to note that in some instances the commercial register (Registrul comertului) clerks in Timisoara can be less acquainted with more complicated structures such as FILIALA or SUCURSALA branches. A diligent approach is thus required as well as assistance from a Romanian lawyer. MHC Law Firm is thoroughly qualified to assist you.

We can also help you with the formalities for company formation in Romania, in the main towns.

Can I open a company in Timisoara no matter of my residence?

Yes you can: a Romanian company can be owned and managed by any citizen without any limitations or conditions, no matter if these are EU residents or not.

Can I set up a local company without visiting Timisoara?

Yes. Even if some local consultants might tell you otherwise, this might be because the lack of experience when working with foreign investors.

Nevertheless a company can be set up in Timisoara without a personal visit. You have the following options:
a) sign the documents at the Romanian Embassy in their country of residence;
b) sign and apostille the documents if the country of residence is a member of the Hague Convention;
c) Notarize and legalize the documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the country of residence is not a member of the Hague Convention.

Can you offer a virtual office / company seat in Timisoara?

Yes we can. If you do not have a local office we can offer a virtual office solution. All Romanian lawyers can offer a registered office for a period of 1 year.

Do I need to have a Timisoara company for activating in Timisoara?

Not necessarily. A Romanian company established somewhere else in the country can also establish a so-called ‘Work Point” (PUNCT DE LUCRU) or a  SUCURSALA (branch) if it requires to establish its business locally in Timisoara.