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Inheritance Lawyers in Romania

If you have inherited a property or other assets in Romania and you are not sure on the legal procedure that has to be started in order to get into the possession of the respective goods, you can request legal advice from inheritance lawyers in Romania

Inheritance lawyers have the necessary legal expertise to represent clients in all the matters regulated under the inheritance lawprocedures to inherit a property, signing a will, resolving disputes on the division of assets left as inheritance, but also on matters concerning the taxation of inheritance. Here, our Romanian lawyers can explain to you the main rules regarding the inheritance tax in Romania

Who can request the services of our inheritance lawyers in Romania?

The right to request legal advice and legal representation in inheritance matters is open for all parties that are involved in an inheritance. Our team can advise the person who will leave an inheritance and here, our lawyers can explain the direct legal implications and what the family members will receive, based on the family relations (spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.). 

Our inheritance lawyers in Romania can provide legal advice on the process of drawing and signing a will in accordance with the regulations currently applicable here. Of course, our attorneys have the legal right of representing clients who are the heirs of a property, but also persons who consider that they are entitled to inherit a share of one’s assets. 

Our clients do not have to be Romanians so that they can address to us; we can also represent foreign clients who have had a relative in Romania and who left them a property or another type of asset (a foreigner can be entitled to obtain a share of the inheritance of a Romanian citizen following the wishes expressed in the will or by the rules of the inheritance law, which grants the right to inheritance to certain family members, as long as one can prove there is a family connection).  

Please mind that our inheritance lawyers in Romania can’t actually handle the entire procedure of passing an inheritance from a party to another – this legal operation falls only into the jurisdiction of a public notary; our Romanian law firm can represent the interests of the clients and prepare documents for succession in accordance with the legal procedures currently in force. 

However, our team of lawyers in Romania can easily represent clients in any dispute concerning the division of assets and any other issue that derives from the procedure of succession. Disputes regarding this are always settled in a Romanian court and clients will generally hire professional inheritance lawyers in Romanian who can help them. 

What is the law on inheritance in Romania? 

There are numerous rules of law which regulate different matters on inheritance in Romania (who gets what and how much, who can complete the succession based on the variables of the case, what law applies where there are more nationalities involved in an inheritance, any inheritance tax in Romania that can be payable and so on). Below, you can find out few important matters:

  • the Law no. 105/1992, which refers to the settlement of international cases;
  • the Organic Law no 312/2005, which stipulates the conditions in which a foreign citizen can own land in Romania (which it can be done only through inheritance);
  • the law stipulates an inheritance tax in Romania charged at a rate of 1% from the value of the inheritance only in the case in which the inheritance procedure is completed after 2 years since the person who left the inheritance died and the inheritance procedure started (otherwise, the inheritance tax in Romania does not apply at all);
  • where there is a dispute regarding the division of assets and the case must be addressed to a court, the legal proceedings can last from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the variables of the case;
  • the law which stipulates which are the entities that can process the inheritance procedure is the Code of Civil Procedure, Article 193

As said earlier, where there isn’t any dispute on the inheritance, the procedure will be handled through a public notary. The law stipulates that the procedure has to be started at any notary public registered in the same region/city where the deceased had his or her last residence. 

Thus, if a person lived in Bucharest and died and the inheritance procedure is started, the heirs can address to any notary public in Bucharest. If you need more information on the how the assets will be divided, we invite you to contact our law firm in Romania, where you can present details on the inheritance and on your family structure.