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Below, our readers can find out some of the most important articles presented in business magazines and newspapers referring to the services provided by RomanianLawOffice.com

February, 2009 – Enescu&Cuc law firm, the former name of MHC Law Firm, participated in recovering a large debt involving a real estate property. Read more here and here

April, 2009  – Enescu&Cuc, the former name of MHC Law Firm, issued a press release presenting the results obtained in a survey identifying the problems foreign investors face when investing in Romania. Read more here

July, 2009 – An online study concluded by Enescu&Cuc law firm, the former name of MHC Law Firm, revealed that bureaucracy is the main issue expressed by foreign investors who want to invest in Romania. More information on the study is available here

November, 2009 – We represented foreign investors in real estate litigations with Romanian developers. More on the subject is available here

November, 2009 – Mihai Cuc, explaining in an interview the procedures through which local banks can handle delayed real estate credit loans. Read more here

November, 2009 – Mihai Cuc presented the main methods through which those purchasing real estate in Romania can avoid fraud. You can read more here and here

November, 2009 – Mihai Cuc has been interviewed by Gardianul newspaper in an article related to debt collections initiated by local banks.

November, 2009 – Mihai Cuc, one of our Law Firm’s partners, has been interviewed by Daily Business regarding the increasing number of real estate litigations. Read the interview

November, 2009 – An important number of Romanian Real Estate developers which have not fulfilled their contractual obligations related to the construction of off-plan properties in different cities around the country have been or will be sued by their foreign clients. Reasons vary from the overdue of finalizing the projects to the cancellation of constructions, without the possibility of returning any advance-payments.

The majority of these developers have slowed down or even completely stopped work because of the lack of liquidities, delaying the handover of the apartments to the buyers.

March, 2010 – Our law firm has issued a Press Release related to our study comparing foreign investment incentives in Romania to those in Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. The results of our study have been published in more than 10 Romanian newspapers.

March, 2010 – Mihai Cuc, one of our Law Firm’s partners, has been interviewed by Antena 3 TV Station in relation to the rising number of lawsuits against Romanian Real Estate developers.

March, 2010 – Mihai Cuc was interviewed by avocatnet.ro on the conditions available for foreign investors in Romania.  You can read the interview here

March, 2010 – The study presenting the issues identified by our law firm with regards to the foreign investment environment in Romania was presented in a news magazine.  You can read the main findings here and here

March 2011 – Mihai Cuc participated in an event organized by the State University of Law in Bucharest. Mr. Cuc has explained about what the students should expect from a career in Law.