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Open a Company in Bucharest

by Vlad Cuc

Our Law Office is specialized in company formation procedures anywhere in Romania. While we have opened hundreds of companies (mostly limited liability companies) in all Romanian major cities, most foreign shareholders prefer Bucharest for the location of their company seats. It’s worthwhile mentioning that Bucharest does imply the least problems to arise when setting up a company since the Trade Register clerks are used to creating companies with foreign structures. Of course there is also a possible downside: the fact that sometimes the Bucharest Trade Register does become very crowded.

Can I open a Bucharest company from abroad?
Yes. The procedure can be performed either through a personal visit in Bucharest (in which case our lawyers will accompany you to a local Public Notary to sign the documents) or via postal mail.

Can I do business anywhere in Romania through a Bucharest company?
Yes and in fact you can do business anywhere in the world. Nevertheless if your activity takes place somewhere else you will have to register that respective location as a company seat, secondary location or work point (punct de lucru).

Does your law firm offer a virtual office in Bucharest?
Indeed, MHC Law Firm provides a company seat in Bucharest, as well as full virtual office services: dedicated telephone number, secretarial services and mail forwarding. It is very important to note that our location (and your future company’s seat) is in Bucharest’s Sector 1 which is the best location in Bucharest for incorporating a company. This is mainly due to the fact that each sector has a specific tax office and Sector 1 is preferred because the quality and number of tax office clerks.

Why should I open my company in Bucharest?
Bucharest is Romania’s capital and at the same time, the largest city, industrial and commercial center of the country. Its population of over two million inhabitants makes capital Bucharest is the sixth largest in the European Union. Bucharest is the largest economic center of Romania. In 2010, the capital has made approximately 22.7% of Romania’s GDP and with GDP / capita 240% higher than the national average. The most important Romanian businesses (excluding agriculture) have main seats in Bucharest. Some major players on the market: businesses engineering (heavy equipment, machine steel, petroleum, agricultural machinery, locomotives, cars, airplanes and helicopters, buses). Electrical industry, electronics, mechanics, optics. Chemical companies, construction materials, wood processing.
Nevertheless one of the most importants assets of the city is the fact that it has the highest number of students in the country and therefore a young and skilled work force.

We remind all foreign investors that our law firm has been assisting clients perform business operations in Bucharest for over 10 years. If you want to start a business in Bucharest please contact us to provide information on how this can be done easily most efficiently.